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half day ฿ 1,000

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full day ฿ 950

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upholstery cleaning

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starting at

฿ 750/ piece

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sofa upholstery cleaning available at Bliss Clean and Care

All of our upholstery cleaning methods, treatments and quotations are applied according to the state of your individual upholstered pieces. Everything from pet odor and stain removal to simply refreshing pieces from daily use, our upholstery cleaning equipment and team are dedicated to treating your pieces like they are our own.

Professional upholstery cleaning for all of your home's pieces include but are not limited to: rugs, carpets, sofas, couches, arm chairs, recliners, mattresses, cushions, car seats, drapes and curtains.

Carpet in Living Room

rugs + carpets

starting at ฿750 + VAT


sofas + couches

starting at ฿1,500 + VAT

Image by Jose Losada

chairs + cushions

starting at ฿1,000 + VAT

Send us a message with photos of your upholstered piece(s)

and our team will get back to you with a quote

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