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What is the average salary for a maid / housekeeper in Chiang Mai?

power washing

upholstery cleaning

window washing

starting at

฿ 750/ piece

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starting at

฿ 500/ hr



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do I need to provide my own cleaning equipment?

what about leaving a key?

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one time

deep clean 



clean+ care

cooking, childcare + more

half day ฿ 1,000

base price

half day ฿ 650

starting at

full day ฿ 1,300

฿ 6,500

฿ 18,000/ month

full day ฿ 950

Salaries depend on multiple criteria including: number of days worked per week, hours worked per day, scope of job, previous work experience, training, etc. Bliss has assisted with the employment of over 400 maids/ housekeepers in Chiang Mai.  Those who work 5-6 days per week, 7-8 hours per day, cleaning for a single home, earn on average a starting salary of about ฿10,000 baht per month.



What is a 'mae baan'?

Directly translated, 'mae baan' (แม่บ้าน) means 'mother of the home' and generally refers to a Thai woman who works in the domestic industry. Job descriptions vary and usually pertain to more than cleaning. Child care, cooking, and errand running are a few. As the Thai economy develops, Bliss has seen the traditional role of 'mae baan' change and become more specified in the domestic industry over the last 5 years. Thus, Bliss concentrates in training and employing Thai women specifically on cleaning skill sets.



Does Bliss provide cleaning supplies, product, or equipment?

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, Bliss Clean + Care Company provides cleaning supplies

(all necessary product and equipment) for deep clean, one time clean, and other specialty services, and kindly requests weekly customers to provide their own preferred supplies. For the convenience of weekly customers, Bliss provides a starter kit by request which provides all cleaning supplies needed to get started with weekly Bliss cleaning services. 



How does Bliss access my home if I am not there?

Customers' security is one of Bliss' top priorities; therefore, we work with each customer individually to develop a plan they are most comfortable with. If customers choose to entrust Bliss with a key to their home, all keys are securely kept and monitored at our main office and only given access to the regular housekeeper for that specific home on the day of service.



Does Bliss provide a nanny or child care service?

Although Bliss has not yet developed a nanny / child care training or service, if a family chooses to use the Bliss Clean + Care Consultation Service to hire a domestic worker, it is at the discretion of that customer whether or not they choose to hire someone to care for their children. Bliss does its best to match candidates based on each family's requirements, but can not guarantee a certified nanny or child care provider.

Interested in volunteering with Bliss Mae Baan Network to help develop a child care training course?

Please contact us here.



What happens to my weekly cleaning service when I am out of town? 

In order to best accommodate customer schedules and provide full time job opportunity for Bliss staff, Bliss provides additional complementary services for customers who travel and are out of town such as deep cleaning tasks and utility bill pay. If customers will be traveling for an extended period of time and wish to cancel their service contract, they can do so without any penalty by providing 30-days notice. If customers prefer more flexibility with their service scheduling, a Bliss Representative will be happy to discuss with you the option of a month-to-month prepaid service contract.

Yes, when customers choose to hire their own cleaner, housekeeper, or maid through the Bliss Clean + Care Consultation Service Bliss can match customers with candidates who choose to live- in their place of employment. As an advocate for safe and fair work opportunity for women, Bliss always visits the place of employment before bringing candidates for interviews. 



Does Bliss provide live-in housekeepers?



Does Bliss have hourly cleaning services?

Bliss offers customers the choice of full or half day services, instead of hourly, to provide Bliss cleaning staff sufficient time to deliver customers the standard of cleaning customers expect and have chosen Bliss Clean + Care Company to provide.

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