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Reflections on being an Employer

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Five years ago I started the Bliss Clean + Care Co. Ltd. (BCC) with just four staff. Myself, an office administrator, and two housekeepers. Today BCC employ’s almost 40 staff who provide customer service, personnel support, and daily operations for nearly 150 customers each month. We do what we do every day in order to be the best cleaning service provider and the best employer of women in Chiang Mai.

We are constantly innovating our cleaning training and techniques to serve our customers well and we put the same innovative thinking toward staying connected to the hearts of our employees.

The commitment to being the best employer for women means we have to be intentional in establishing core values for our company that support our dedication to our customers and to our staff.

When I stepped into the role of an “Employer” at BCC, I was a bit intimidated by what I needed to learn in order to lead well. I have experienced many successes and failures in my journey, but I have learned that confident and compassionate Employers will be very successful in achieving their work goals and will experience great joy and satisfaction in seeing the difference that is made in the lives of their Employees. Here are a few principles that I have learned along my journey. Be Encouraged. Be Educated. Be Exemplary.

Be Encouraged–

  • It is a gift and a privilege to lead and invest in the life of another person

  • It is not arrogant to be in a position of leadership

  • Being an Employer is an opportunity to support individuals in their pursuit to provide for themselves and their families

  • The confident and strong employer inspires strength and confidence in his/her employees

Be Educated–

  • A safe working environment is one where the employer sets the expectations and establishes the boundaries in the employment relationship and upholds those when conflict arises

  • Employers should not take advantage of the employee’s need for a job for personal gain–an employee should have the choice to decline a work opportunity they do not believe is best for their needs

  • Employers who live in a society where the marginalization of people is present, must be even more intentional and aware of the potential of taking advantage of the unfair playing field

Be Exemplary–

  • Seek generosity in every opportunity

  • Always assume the best about your Employee

  • Beware of the “savior complex”. Though it is an amazing experience to assist someone in need, avoid the mindset that creates greater dependency on you, the Employer, rather than builds bridges for personal development and opportunity for the Employee

  • Plan for promotion. Employers should provide opportunities for growth for their Employees

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