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with the jobs they need

meet kristi.

it makes a difference.

Arkansas native, mother of three, and humble founder of Bliss, Kristi still shakes her head about how “teaching a few ladies to clean” transformed into a trusted household name in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

While navigating new culture and relationships after landing in Thailand with her family in 2010, Kristi quickly recognized a need for bridging the gap between Thai housekeepers and the local expat community. Out of her own home and using the Thai she was learning, Kristi began teaching women how to clean a home in order to meet the average expectations of expat families. Equipped with new skills and support in her work, one woman after another began realizing her own capabilities, potential, and innate worth- and that was just the beginning. The stories of joy created through the difference made in the lives of these women began transcending other lives, communities, and even an industry culture in Chiang Mai.  

A real difference had been made.


Five years and several hundred women later, the value of making a difference in the lives of women continues to be the heart- beat of Bliss.


Today, Kristi manages Bliss Clean + Care Company which operates as a multiple bottom line, dual - sided social enterprise. Differentiating itself in the market, Bliss Clean + Care Co. delivers high standard cleaning services to its diverse customer base while supporting the vocational skill training and social development of under- resourced women in partnership with its sister non- profit Bliss Mae Baan Network


Kristi works hard each day to deliver local customers an exceptionally clean home while upholding the original values she began with. For Bliss, these two goals are inseparable and promised to always be kept that way. 


Kristi and the Bliss team invite you to join the story, because for the lives Bliss has the privilege to serve,


The idea of Bliss was born. Bliss Mae Baan Network founded and trained its first 60 women. 


Bliss Mae Baan Network placed its 100th woman in a fair employment opportunity.


Business plan written and investment given to launch Bliss Clean + Care Company Ltd.


Bliss Clean + Care Co. opened its doors for business.


Bliss Clean + Care Co. grew, employing 30 full time staff, operating out of 2 office locations,

and serving over 200 local customers.


Bliss Clean + Care Co. continues to grow in Chiang Mai, serving more

local women and households, and invites you to

To provide superior home cleaning and care services which in return create jobs with dignity and respect.

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