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bliss housekeeper story of women empowermet

นิด (Nid)

I am so proud to be a part of Bliss. I can seek advice from my company and my boss about anything. Whether I need advice about something in my work, or something personal in my life, they are always there to listen.

bliss housekeeper story women empowerment

ภา (Pa)

I have supported my entire family on my own for a long time. I used to feel so alone and stressed trying to find work to support my family. But now I know I am not alone. I always have Bliss. Bliss is like a home. Bliss is where I can always come to.  I have good work here and I have family here. 


ฉาย (Chai)

All my life I have had jobs that made me feel overworked and very tired. My friend told me Bliss was different- that employees are treated well and given benefits that protect them. So I thought I would attend Bliss training and see if it was true. Today, I am working for the company because it was all true. It is just like my friend told me. And it is good.


with the jobs they need.

power washing

upholstery cleaning

window washing

starting at

฿ 750/ piece

free quotes

provided by Bliss.

starting at

฿ 500/ hr



our story

our favorite cleaning tips, stories of joy in the lives of women we employ,

and more!

do I need to provide my own cleaning equipment?

what about leaving a key?

+ other frequently asked questions.

  I never intended to start a

cleaning company...  

how seeing the difference grew

into something greater.

one time

deep clean 



clean+ care

cooking, childcare + more

half day ฿ 1,000

base price

half day ฿ 650

starting at

full day ฿ 1,300

฿ 6,500

฿ 18,000/ month

full day ฿ 950

for herself, her family + her community.

because we chose to steward the opportunity 

how your service makes a difference. 

When you use one of our services...
you create a
 job opportunity
new skills
which we train, equip, and employ women in our community for.
to create new opportunity
bliss clean and care company logo
fair wages
dignified work
empower her...

when you chose us.

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